Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lower The Flag

I oppose our war in Afghanistan, but not our men and women who have to fight and die there.

I object to their officers the war mongers and professional soldiers, and their political bosses.

And in this case I REALLY object to the failure of the Conservative Government to do the right thing and lower the flag each time our men and women are killed in battle.
No more flag lowering for Canadian soldiers

The Flag is being used to hide behind by the coward that talks tough with others lives. The Harpocrite is taking his burying of anything Liberal too far.

The flag continued to fly yesterday on the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. The newly elected Conservative government has said it will no longer lower the flag to half-staff every time a Canadian soldier is killed, a break with tradition established by the Liberals. A terrible price

A challenge to the Blogging Tories and Progressives For War, you support this war, demand that Harper lower the flag. Let your Legion and Veterans associations know, get them to raise the hue and cry. Email your MP. Raise the call.

If you live in (R)Edmonton let the city council and the school boards as well as the legislature know you want the flags lowered. It's the least we can do.

Chickenhawk that the Harpocrite is he won't listen to you anymore than he listens to anyone else.

We lower the damn flag for Royalty and Pontiffs, lower it for those who fight your wars.

Never Again!- War Amps

We Remember Them- Royal Canadian Legion

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