Monday, April 03, 2006

Mexican Cover Up Redux

Stephen Harper and Vincente Fox met and did not discuss the fate of the Canadian Couple who were murdered in Cancun.

When asked a direct question by Robert Fife of CTV, who insisted that Fox anwser in English, about why he said it was Canadians who murdered the Canadian couple, Fox deftly avoided speaking English or answering the question. Leaving slack jawed Harper to say that the two governments were coordinating their efforts.
To further mess up the evidence, the Mexican authorities right on cue released evidentiary photos, forensic photos of the murder scene. This was done within hours of the end of the tripartite NAFTA confernce in Cancun. Tipster points to Canadians in Mexican murder

Which begs the question why the Mexicans are trying to foist this murder as being done by Canadians when we know full well that Cancun has had a spate of tourist murders as part of an ongoing drug/gang war in the region. One that netted the chief prosecutor last year as one of the conspirators in the drug/gang war. See my original post on this; Mexican Murder Cover Up?

Of course the drug cartels have expanded under the free market ideology of Vincente Fox. No wonder he wants to divert attention away from the possibility that the Canadian couple who were murdered were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Simple as that.

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