Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tories Tinker with Taxes

The Harpocrites are in the backroom this weekend, avoiding Earth Day working on your taxes. Well actually working on their wonky budget. It seems some have them have seen the light, that their GST tax cut and their baby bonuse won't help the average Canadian working family. Slow learners.Flaherty vows big tax cuts in budget

Critics say that Canadians earning between $10,000 and $85,000 annually who don't have children under six years old would be better off under the Liberal income-tax breaks enacted last November than they would be under the one-percentage-point GST cut and targeted measures the Tories pledged in the recent election campaign.

That's because this group doesn't benefit from the annual $1,200-a-child daycare payment the Tories are giving to parents with children under 6.

The Conservatives are working this weekend in hopes of shortly finalizing the budget, expected to be delivered the week of May 2, and are still considering measures that might offer Canadians additional tax relief, sources say.

PM looks to sweeten tax plan

Fine but how about a couple of really radical ideas; like eliminating the GST completely. Or the deficit finance tax on gas. Or gasp Income Taxes on anyone earning $100,000 or less a year.

Yes you read that right. I have said it time and again. Something not even the Blogging Tories ,theCanadian Taxpayers Federation, Fraser Institute or the Conservatives have dared to say, ever. Period. From the left a more radical tax cut then anything the right has ever advocated. Oh right because its for workers not business. Damn pinko.

More On Harpers Tax Cuts

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BlastFurnace said...
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BlastFurnace said...

Sorry about the goof-up and delete -- I was writing something else and somehow it ended up here, hence the delete; so I'll try again.

I don't always agree with you Eugene, but something in me tells me you're on to something. After all, the "War" Income Tax (introduced in 1917) was only applied on incomes over $1,000 which protected something like 97% of Canadians at the time. And the rate was a flat 3% on everything on top of that.

I've suggested on my blog the exemption should be $15,000 for singles (like me) and $30,000 for couples and single parents, but your suggestion is really innovative and it shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.

With inflation since WWI, the exemption could easily be $100,000 or even higher. Of course, if we did that then the Americans would raise theirs to a million -- they wouldn't want to be known for higher taxes than us, after all.