Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tory Piggies At The Trough

Put your finger on your nose and say oink, oink. In the land of the Fraser Institute home of the cheerleaders of Harpers less is more, the folks who hate to see taxpayers (read business) gouged by the government comes this gem. See the Harpocrites are just like the Liberals. Wait a minute wasn't Emerson a Liberal once? This is another case of meet the new boss same as the old boss.

$14,000: EXPENSES Four civil servants flew here to brief Emerson; he says it was worth the cost

Senior federal civil servants spent thousands of dollars travelling to Vancouver to brief embattled International Trade Minister David Emerson, disclosure documents show.

Fonberg, and assistant deputy ministers Robert Dery, Michael Martin and Ken Sunquist were among the eight senior staffers who travelled to meet with Emerson between Feb. 19 and Feb. 23.

At the time, Emerson was weathering a political storm over his decision to join the Conservative cabinet as minister of international trade after having won election as a Liberal in Vancouver-Kingsway.


Federal International Trade Minister David Emerson approved the travel of eight senior staff members to Vancouver to brief him on key files including:

- Robert Fonberg, deputy minister: Expenses, $3,506.08

- Robert Dery, acting assistant deputy minister and chief trade commissioner: Expenses, $3,172.04

- Michael Martin, assistant deputy minister: Expenses $3,381.58

- Ken Sunquist, assistant deputy minister: Expenses $3,862.53

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1 comment:

Jan_ from_ BruceCounty said...

Emerson "said staff in his new department wanted to brief him on important files in the first weeks after he was named to the portfolio, but he had commitments to meet in his riding, which included meeting with stakeholders in the Olympics and parties involved in the Pacific Gateway strategy.
When did the stakeholders in the Olympics and parties involved in the Pacific Gateway strategy start living in his riding? In fact, he has yet to meet with the actual voters and organizations that actually live in the riding that he was elected in (he doesn't actually live there. The real constituents have repeatedly requested meetings with him, but he's missing in action. According to his staff in the riding office, he has not yet set foot in there. So much for rding commitments. Pure spin! His ethics and especially the optics aren't any better since he joined the conservatives. And I thought the conservatives wanting to bring "integrity" and "accountability" back to politics. Stand up for Canada!