Sunday, May 21, 2006

Anarchism A Google Trend

I looked up Anarchism on Googles new tool; Google Trends and found that Greek was the language used most often to look up Anarchism. No surprize there since Anarchy comes from Greek; Anarkos. Which may explain why Anarchy gets confused with Kaos sometimes, exactly Mr. Shmart.

English was second and Swedish third, yes there is a large Anarcho Syndicalist movement in Sweden. Proving my thesis that you need a strong social democratic movement and government to create a condition for a strong extra-parliamentary left opposition, the very ocean within which anarchism spreads.

New Zealand topped the list for regions where references to anarchism can be found. Canada I am pleased to say came ahead of the U.S. and U.K. in sixth place. Not to shabby.

When it came to cities Vancouver came second behind Dublin (which is home to the Platformist Anarchist movement) and ahead of Auckland. The US. West Coast was well repersented of course with Seattle, Portland and San Fransisco. Surprising London England home of Freedom Magazine was missing.

The four most popular articles since 2004 are;

Teen Columnist: Music fat cats bastardizing punk rock, anarchism
Tucson Citizen - Sep 7 2004
Indigenism, Anarchism, and the State
ZNet - Apr 29 2005
The triumph of anarchism
Hindu - Dec 10 2005
Venezuela 2006: Anarchism against all odds
Bay Area Indymedia - Mar 10 2006

Now compare that to Libertarian which is dominated by English language and American sites and you can see which is the real Internationalist movement.

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