Monday, May 22, 2006

Montenegro By A Nose

`Victory' for Montenegro
Balkan state votes for independence, unofficial tally shows

Opponents of break with Serbia refuse to concede defeat

An unofficial count of all ballots by a referendum monitoring group gave Yes forces 55.5 per cent of the vote — slightly above the 55 per cent minimum set by the European Union for the sovereignty vote to be recognized.

I would say winning by .5 is a Pyrrhic victory And it resolves nothing leaving both sides now dangerously divided, and thus could increase the potential for politcal upheaval and instability in Montengro more than anything else. Reminding us once again of the dangers of independence by referendum.

Something Quebec also learned the hard way in 1995. And which the Federal Clarity Act will to little to correct.

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1 comment:

Josef said...

I heard that montenegro has 60% unemployment rate how can they bypass this problem