Friday, May 26, 2006

Blog Spam

Our old pal Werner Patels is at it again.

Lets see he trolls and he spits venom, against his favorite straw man; The Left.

He attacks Scott Tribe, (because Patels was kicked off the Progressive Bloogers while Tribe was a moderator there).

He whines about James Bow and his blogroll. And sees conspiracies in the blogosphere, aimed at...wait for it...him Which could simply be good sense on the part of those who are removing his multiple blogs from their listings.

For the past two years he has produced multiple blogs, as he went from running for the Alberta Liberals and supporting the Federal Conservatives and Greens, to finally settling on becoming a Federal and Provincial Conservative.

Now he lists himself as a MA. As in; It's Alright MA (I Am Only Bleeding)
Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn
Suicide remarks are torn
From the fool's gold mouthpiece
The hollow horn plays wasted words
Proves to warn
That he not busy being born
Is busy dying.

While having finally decided not to hide behind anonymous blogs, well except for this one, he has gone on to create a new field of blogging. Spam blogging.

Yep thats when you have more than six blogs, which repeat themselves over and over and over and over......his assertion is that the Left is intolerant. And by left he includes everyone this side of Attila the Hun.

The Left is not intolerant it is pseudo-right wingers like Patels who reveal themselves to be intolerant of others opinions. Which is of course why he blogs. Not that he has anything to say.

Here are a listing of his blogs, all of which should be avoided. Blogs are subject to change at Herr Patels whimsy.

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Werner Patels said...

Just for the record: I left Progressive Bloggers of my own accord. If you recall, I even posted a message explaining my reasons for doing so.

Get your facts straight while you can and before somebody comes carting you off in a straitjacket.

Cerberus said...

Only after being revealed as a fraud, Werner.

Eugene: you should add ToryThoughts/Alberta First and wasn't he also the "genius" behind Calgary Observer and Alberta Avenue?

I guess the MO is: embarrass yourself on one blog, start another.


catnip said...

Thanks for the history lesson. I had no idea.

Scott Tribe said...

Also just for the record.. I'm still a moderator at Progressive Bloggers, Eugene.. I havent resigned that job; I just added to it by helping out Andrew at CBE.

eugene plawiuk said...

I stand corrected on all counts.

For a complete history of Herr Patels multipleblog personalities click on his name in this article and it will take you to the ugly truth of this ugly little man.

wonderdog said...

In point of fact, Scott Tribe was one of the few (if not only) Progressive Bloggers who defended Patels' libelous attacks on Civitatensis, and his efforts to have Marco fired from his job for his views. Scott suggested that this kind of behaviour is acceptable if the person you are attacking is obnoxious enough, which of course Werner claimed he was.

Just to keep the record straight.