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Peel For the Police

Those whacky cops with the Peel Police Department are at it again.

Transsexuals facing a strip search by Peel Region police should be allowed to choose the gender of the officer conducting the search, the Human Rights Commission has ruled.Peel police have also been ordered to produce a training video on transsexuality after the commission ruled the force violated the rights of a person undergoing a sex change. Transsexuals given choice on search

You have to wonder about macho he-men wanting to strip search she-males.

Of course there are those that contend that the authoritarian male urge to power, nifty uniforms and phallic weaponry is a form of repressed homosexuality. Such as Klaus Theweleit.

He wrote his dissertation about a literature produced by former soldiers who during the Weimar republic had organized in "Freikorps". i.e. paramilitary right-wing death squads ("Freikorpsliteratur und den Körper des soldatischen Mannes"). Nobody had cared to analyse this literature before Theweleit. His book Männerphantasien (1979), in english "Male fantasies" (1987), a study of fascist consciousness and the bodily experience of these former soldiers was well received. Theweleit used Wilhelm Reich, Felix Guattari and other theorists and discussed his findings with his wife who had clinical experience. He formulated his insights in a voluntarily nonacademic personal style. Klaus Theweleit: Information From

Both of these folks are wearing uniforms one for gender bending and one for enforcing fear. Uniforms, costumes, etc. are social constructs, just as gender defininitons of masculine and feminine are.

Self fear and self loathing is the source of power over the other that makes up the authoritarian personality (cops, fascists, military, etc. armed and dangerous men). The police see us as the other; civilians if we are good, bad guys if we are not. But they are never of us. We are the other, and they are a power over us and are a power unto themselves. Which is why they do not so much enforce laws, as view themseleves as being the law. Which is why they feel they can break the laws or are above the law.
Cops and Tasers

Hypermasculinity or the "macho personality constellation" is an example of extreme adherence to the masculine gender role. Mosher and Sirkin (1984) indicated that macho men believe that "violence is manly" and "danger is exciting," and they have sexually calloused attitudes toward women. They devised a scale to measure adherence to the macho personality and found that men high in hypermasculinity had a higher self-report of SA against women (Mosher & Anderson, 1986; Mosher & Sirkin, 1984). Mosher and Tomkins (1988) used script theory to discuss the development of the macho personality. They proposed that feelings such as excitement and anger are socialized to replace "inferior, feminine" feelings such as distress and fear. Macho men are taught such rules as "Don't be scared. Be brave. Be tough. Be daring. Become excited by the danger. Risk injury or death. Be proud of fearlessness. Be contemptuous of danger and cowards." Adolescent rites of passage in male peer groups and various aspects of American culture p erpetuate the macho script. According to this model macho males are more susceptible to peer influence because of rejecting parents. Fighting, seeking out danger, and calloused sexual encounters that are shared with peers help perpetuate this script. If "boys will be boys," then girls will be victims? A meta-analytic review of the research that relates masculine ideology to sexual aggression

Self fear and self loathing is also the tragedy of the personal life of many Transexuals and Drag Queens.

SUSAN SHAH Died Oct. 10, 2004

Yet another cautionary tale from the world of Porn. Transexual porn actress Susan Shah apparently committed suicide at age 36. Ms. Shah fell 20 stories from a New York apartment building. She had suffered from AIDS for 10 years. Ms. Shah was born a man and underwent sexual reassignment surgery. She appeared in several porn films under the name Princess Shah. She recently directed the PG-13 short film "A Step Ahead," which dealt with her sex change. She recently enrolled in film school at NYU. Prayers of comfort for her family and friends.

Transexuals on TV and in the Movies

  • Showtime's "Soldier's Girl" (2003) revealed the true tale of how a GI was beaten to death in 1999 by other soldiers who were enraged by his relationship with Calpernia Addams, (a.k.a. Scottie) a transsexual nightclub performer. The movie tagline read: "She was the only man he ever loved."

    Lee Pace in 'Soldier's Girl'
    Lee Pace stars in
    'Soldier's Girl' on Showtime

Living in a heterosexist society, means that they fail to fit the norm. The personality and psyche is thus forced into a dualistic form of social schizophrenia, which means that as members of an erotic minority, they must conform to a norm which is not normal for them.

Boys will be girls. What do you do when your child wants to be the opposite sex? Naomi Coleman examines the rise of gender identity disorder.

This is the real meaning of the sexual revolution, the freeing of erotic minorities from the oppression of social schizophrenia created by heterosexism.

Screenplay: Heather Croall.
Cinematography: Tony Wilson.
Editing: Mark Atkin. Sound: Des Kenneally.
Music: Andrew Hillam. Producer: Heather Croall.
Video Colour 51'
When it comes to gender, there is a truly Samoan way of seeing the world. Paradise Bent tells the story of the Samoan fa'fafines: boys who are raised as girls and play an important domestic role in the Samoan culture. Although the anthropological spotlight has shone on Samoa many times this century, fa'fafines have never been mentioned. Is it possible the anthropologists just didn't notice them? The traditional role of the fa'fafines is now under threat, as the western drag scene filters into Samoa. The older fa'fafines are not impressed. Through our main character, Cindy, we see the complexities of life facing the modern day fa'fafines in Paradise.

Redefining Fa'afafine: Western Discourses and the Construction of Transgenderism in Samoa

Wife 'didn't realise husband was a woman' -- FOR 17 YEARS!!!!

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