Friday, May 26, 2006

Ken Lay and Son of Sam

What is it with criminals that once convicted of henious crimes they find Jesus? Or is this becoming Born Again Christian God stuff just their excuse for having been bad boys but now they are good. Honest. Honest to God we are nice guys.

Or is it that since the jails are full of guy's named Jesus, that they find God watching them in jail, more than he was when they committed their crimes.

Such moral self righteousness is enough to make one an athiest.

Judge orders prison interview for 'Son of Sam'
Heller said his client, who was born Jewish but claims to have become a devout Christian in prison, objected to the people he victimized being further exploited by Harmatz

Ken Lay is surrounded by police after the verdict
Ken Lay is surrounded by police after the verdict

Lay and his family, who are members of one of Houston's largest Baptist congregations, remained in the courtroom, their hands joined in prayer. He was heard trying to comfort weeping relatives, saying: "God's got another plan right now."

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Meaghan Walker-Williams said...

Dennis Miller said it best, when he quipped "What is it with Serial Killers that become Born Again....Have you ever noticed that it's always the most evil sickos in jail who find Jesus only after they have f***ed over so many people here on earth that nobody else wants anything to do with them?"

eugene plawiuk said...

Thats a greatline in the fine Lenny Bruce tradition.