Saturday, May 27, 2006

Caledonia, Caledonia

What seems to be overlooked in this dispute between the Sovereign Six Nations and the local folks in Caledonia is that both the local folks and natives settled this dispute over the road closerure through mediation and discussion. Despite flaring tempers and hot heads, mostly on the locals side on Monday, the spokesperson for the local folks , Ken Hewitt stated it clearly, no level of government helped. The negotiations were between the local folks and Six Nations. Sure there were government appointed mediators, but the real dispute which underscored the blockade, land development on native land, which is a Federal responsibility, has been abdicated by the Harpocrite government. Probably because they are on the side of the developers. Which is contrary to the interests of both the local folks and the Six Nations. That cool heads prevaled is a tribute to the enlightened self-interest shown by the local residents and their neighbours the Six Nations. And what was avoided was violence, due to limited police interference, again thanks to what in effect became a joint protest, until some local yahoos decided to resort to reactionary racist attacks on the Six Nations.

A tip o' the blog to Cowboys for Social Responsibility and Verbena-19 for their coverage of this.


Now my mother told me she said “Tom you leave that girl Caledonia alone.
You know she just ain’t no good for you
She come from the wrong folks in the wrong part of town
I said mama you don’t know what this gals putting down
I love her I need her I ain’t never gonna leave her

Cho: Caledonia, Caledonia
You’re what make my big head so hard
I love her I love her just the same
I’m crazy ‘bout the girl Caledonia is her name.

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1 comment:

saga said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Ken Hewitt of Caledonia solved NOTHING. He is one of the leaders of the Caledonia Citizens' Alliance that OPPOSE the Haudenosaunee. Hewitt supports the actions of the racist thugs against the natives. He INSISTS that the land must never be returned to the aboriginals. He has singlehandedly inflamed the situation in Caledonia, and inflamed hatred against the Haudenosaunee.