Saturday, May 27, 2006

Werner Patels Cesspool

His cesspools runneth over. In an aptly titled blog article Blogging "cesspool" Herr Werner Patels promises to continue blogging his repetitive, turgid, uninformed opinions on three more new blogs.

I have decided to publish my editorials and columns on three mirror sites with different providers each, so that they remain accessible at all times.
Conservative Notes on Politics & Society and to Media Notes

These are just the latest blogs incarnations in his ceaseless campaign of Blog Spamming. Here is a listing of his previous blogs. You have been warned.

The guy just does not give up. It's not like he has anything of value to say. So he figures lacking any foundation in reality if he repeats himself over and over, in multiple blogs people might begin to believe he is an entire community

PS. at least he has dropped the pretenious MA after his name. And that only took a day of blog criticism to do. On with the show this is it.

PPS. and as you can tell I am Herr Patels biggest fan.

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