Saturday, May 27, 2006

Our Living Earth

Quake kills 3,000 and sparks 'Krakatoa' fear
The Indonesian archipelago is in the centre of the world's most active volcanic zone, and includes the island of Krakatoa, west of Java, scene in 1883 of one of the fiercest volcanic eruptions in history.


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Strong quakes rattle islands in South Pacific

Of course as this region is 'alive' and growing disasters to humans are to be expected. Tragic but expected. The recent massive undersea earthquake and Tsunami that resulted in the tragedy of December 2004 continues to reveal its earth shattering consequences. See my Earth in Upheaval-Updated for an earlier look at the Earthquake and Tsunami in light of Velikovsky's theories.


At the site of the old Krakatoa island, a new volcano has slowly emerged from the sea, like Godzilla returning for a romp through Tokyo. Anak Krakatau (literally "Son of Krakatau") is much smaller than the original edition, but it's growing steadily. The most optimistic scenario sees another earth-changing explosion within a few hundred years. Those with a more Apocalyptic bent need not despair, however. Volcanologists assure us that -- sooner or later -- we will be witness to a supervolcano explosion that stands a reasonably good chance of obliterating all life on earth.

Which may explain the urge of some of those in the Indonesian archipelago to commit the ancient art of human sacrifice to apease the gods.Violence erupts in East Timor, again

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