Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Quit Yer Whining

Ok enough whining and calls for more tax breaks out of the Business Lobby; the Canadian Taxpayers (sic) Federation, the NCC and the Fraser Institute. Here are the facts ma'am; Canada still cheapest in G7 for business

Canada is still the cheapest place to do business among G7 countries, even though the rising dollar has eroded some of its advantage over the United States, a KPMG study has found. In 2006, the cost of setting up and running a business in Canada for 10 years is 5.5-per-cent lower than in the U.S., the report says, thanks to lower wages, electricity and facility costs. In 2004, Canada's business costs were estimated to be 9 per cent below the U.S. while in 2002, Canada enjoyed a 14.5 per cent advantage.

And the secret is lower wages and social benefits paid for by taxpayers, that is workers who are the real taxpayers not like the phony taxpayers of the CTF business lobby.

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