Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Frank and Gordon Spy On You

Those cute Bell Canada CGI Beavers Frank and Gordon are now going to be spies for the Harper Government.

Bad enough these two artificial spokespersons replaced 10,000 Bell Workers.

Now that the Stanley Cup is over, and they have removed their face paint, the ugly truth is revealed.

Beware Bell internet and blackberry users, your surfing and email is about to be handed over to the State.

One of Canada's largest Internet service providers is warning its customers that Big Brother is lurking on-line, with the federal government expected to revive an Internet surveillance bill.If the legislation is reintroduced, it could allow police unfettered access to personal information without a warrant, experts warn. Big Brother watching you surf?

A tip o' the blog to Andrew Spicer at Bound By Gravity, which is back online, whew.

Andrew who helped found the Blogging Tories, but quit because of their partisan politicking, says this;
"If the Conservatives are looking to lose my vote, this would certainly push me close to the breaking point. While my personal online activities are pretty tame - blogging, readings news sites, reading and writing email, and chatting on MSN - I still value my privacy." Right On!

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canary said...

Just a reminder. The bill that made this "heads up" announcement necessary by the companies mentioned
"... was originally introduced by the Liberals last November, but died on the Commons order paper when their minority government fell shortly after."

eugene plawiuk said...

Gee I thought the Tories hated all things Liberal....except of course those bills that reinforce the security state and all that proposed military spending that the Liberals never got around too.