Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No Smoking At Home

As I warned you before.

Coming soon to a home near you, a ban on smoking.

Parental smoking a threat to kids' lungs, new study confirms

The findings are a "stark reminder" that legal efforts to reduce exposure to cigarette smoke in workplaces aren't protecting the group of people at greatest risk from passive smoking, young children, Drs. Mark D. Eisner of the University of California, San Francisco and Francesco Forastiere of the Rome E Health Authority in Italy write in an editorial accompanying the study.

"Children are primarily exposed to tobacco smoke in the home, where legal restrictions do not apply," they note.

And even the so called libertarian republican administration in the U.S. in now officially on the second hand smoke band wagon. Second Hand Smoke Identified by Surgeon General as Health Hazard

Simplistic moralistic reformers of the 19th Century viewed the social and public health ills as being caused by alcohol.

Today's simplistic moral reformers say the toxic environment of capitalism is caused by smoking.

That's because they can't get enough support to ban cars.

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