Thursday, June 15, 2006


Daveberta has a scoop on his site. Following the resignation announcement by Edmonton Strathcona NDP MLA Raj Pannu, Daveberta correctly predicted that Rachel Notley will be announcing her candidacy as Raj's replacement. . notley quick on the draw.

As the ultimate party insider, daughter of former NDP Leader and Saint; Grant Notley, her shoo in is assured. Seems though that Daveberta was not supposed to announce her candidacy. Dave writes:

UPDATE: It seems that a clever webmaster has discovered that I have prematurely announced Ms. Notley's candidacy.

As such, her site has been taken down until the official announcement is made. Even though I did have the foresight to see this coming and captured screenshots and copied her announcement speech and press release (dated June 16), I'm really not cruel enough to post stuff like that (this early in the nomination game).

She will be announcing her candidacy tommorow, Friday June 16, 10:30 AM at the Edmonton Strathcona Community Centre. Then her website will probably go back up.

Her hubby is Lou Arab a former PR guy for the ABNDP now PR guy for CUPE Alberta. And maybe Bob the Angry Flower will join her campaign.

The old family compact is alive and well in the Alberta NDP.

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