Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kenney is A Funny Guy

Meanwhile, Conservative government spokesman Jason Kenney compared Hezbollah to the German Nazi party yesterday and said Canadian opposition MPs are providing political cover to the banned organization.

This is funny coming from the guy who defended Franco and Hitler in the House of Commons during the debate on the private members bill to end the declaration of Candadian Veterans of the Spanish Civil War as being illegal and not recognized as Veterans.

Mr. Jason Kenney (Calgary Southeast, Ref.): Mr. Speaker, I too am pleased to rise to speak on Motion No. 75. I wish to commend my hon. colleague from Kamloops for having brought this motion before the House even though I disagree with it in principle and will vote against it.
On the other side, it was not simply a uni-dimensional coalition of fascists supported and motivated by Adolf Hitler. Indeed the German and Italian fascists supported elements of the Phalangist cause, but there were democrats, monarchists, catholics and others who opposed the Republican cause because they saw it as an encroachment of a foreign tyrannical political movement, communism, and its threatened imposition on Spain.

As usual with right wingers Kenney sees communism as a greater threat than Fascism.

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1 comment:

Larry Gambone said...

What a slimy way to whitewash Franco. This quote should be broadcast far and wide. I am going to use it when the oppoortunity comes. One other thing, your blog seems to be jammed at August 12. The only way I can read your postings is thru VLWC. I note as well that my blog seems to be doing the same now. What the hell is going on?