Thursday, August 31, 2006

Troops Out Now Says Layton

Calling it a failed Liberal Conservative Mission, Jack Layton threw down the guantlet in a press conference this afternoon denouncing the 'counter insurgency war' in Afghanistan as counter productive to real peace and reconstruction. He called for the withdrawl of Canadian Forces from the region by February of next year.

Which is when they would have left if the Conservatives and their Liberal quizzlings, including the Man Who Would Be Trudeau; Mikey Ignatieff, had not got their motion of indefinte stay passed in the house.

Unlike the wishy washy Liberals whose house is divided over the Middle East and Afghanistan, the NDP clearly has drawn a line in the sand.

And unlike the wishy washy Democrats in the U.S. this line is principled and based on the Canadian tradition of Peace Making and Peace Keeping. That is Jack has clearly called the war in Afghanistan for what it is; American style Counter Insurgency. Which can only be won if it is total war.

The NDP principle is withdrawl of material support for "counter insurgency war", and putting funds and efforts into peace talks in Afghanistan and reconstruction efforts.

Bravo. Furthermore as part of this peacemaking/peacekeeping policy the NDP is calling for Canadian involvement in the UN forces in Lebanon, and support troop deployment to Darfur. Regions that the Conservatives steadfastly refuse to particpate in, since it does not fit with their macho mimickry of American War policy.

Jack was really speaking to NDPers and delegates attending the upcoming National Convention in Quebec where the party will bring forward anti-war resolutions.

This will sell well in Quebec where the Tories are decling in the polls, as their true politics are revealed and reviled. Tories were a vote for change in Quebec, but with the mask dropped over their stance on Afghanistan, Kyoto, etc. they have lost support. That support, anyone but the Liberals, can now benefit the NDP.

With this as a major policy initiative, followed up with a NDP parliamentary opposition motion, it puts the Tories silent partners, the BQ between a rock and hard place.

The Tories have made War the issue, and the NDP plans to Bring the War back home, to have them face their decision.

Hmm perhaps Afghanistan will be the real confidence vote that brings down the Harpocrites.

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DazzlinDino said...

Canadian tradition of Peace Making and Peace Keeping.

OK, the term "peacemaking" is a joke isn't it? And the problem with "peacekeeping" is you need peace to keep in the first place. These terms have become misleading.

Also, refering to this "tradition of peacekeeping" is kind of an insult to the soldiers who fought and died in actual wars don't you think Eugene. I mean really this "peacekeeping" idea has been around for what, 45 years? Hey, I'm all for peacekeeping, but the people of Afghanistan want us there, the troops want to be there to help, this is being used as a political football....

eugene plawiuk said...

The 'people of Afghanistan' are killing our troops....they do not want us there.On the other hand former Oil Executive turned President, Karzai wants us there to protect his city state.
As for peacekeeping I am not the one who keeps mentioning it in the media thats your Conservative and Liberal pals.