Thursday, August 31, 2006

Radical Feminism

Joe Fetus over at Big Blue Wave Blog , like other narrow minded right whingers links two words together to impy something sinister and dangerous. Radical and Feminism. Stirring the caldron of radical feminism Oh and let throw in a little hint of Witchcraft, cauldron get it.

So is there a feminism which is NOT radical?

Why does the right insist on saying 'radical feminism'. Is there a moderate feminism, they would agree with? Most feminists would say they were moderates, most women who say they are not feminists but support womens rights would say so too.

So who are these radical feminists and are they a seperate group from feminists in general? Like bitchy feminists, moderate feminists, anarchist feminists, liberal feminists, individualist feminists or even, conservative feminists?

Nope they are all the same to these right wing loonie toons. Radical is just an extra prejorative to add to that other prejorative; feminists. Of course they would never really call it what it is all about, womens rights. Because everyone believes in that.

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kurichina said...

Don't confuse them with so many big words, Eugene. ;)

Bitch | Lab said...

I gotchyer radical feminism right here. i mean, I personally dislike being called radical b/c the connotations of the word affiliate me with a certain branch of feminist theory that I find completely hostile to socialism. the ones they call radical are generally way tame by comparison to what this Bitch wants!