Saturday, September 09, 2006

Afghan Woman Speaks Out

Ok can we now drop all the platitudes about how we are fighting for women and girls in Afghanistan.

Canadian troops making things worse: Afghan legislator

Canada's troops are making matters worse for the Afghan people, a popular member of the war-torn country's national assembly told an NDP policy convention Friday.

With federal New Democrats debating a resolution to withdraw Canadian troops from combat in southern Afghanistan over the next six months, Malalai Joya, 27, the youngest elected Afghan parliamentarian, said efforts to fight the Taliban are helping warlords and drug lords take control of the country, suppressing the voices and rights of women and children.

"If (Canadians) want to prove themselves as real friends of the Afghan people, they must act independently," said Joya, who has escaped several assassination attempts since she was first elected in 2003. "They continued the policy of the U.S. and our people don't agree with U.S. policy, and this is why there is no positive results right now."

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FurGaia said...

Even before 9/11, I remember receiving email on an almost weekly basis asking for my support for the Afghan women. Now that the war has been engaged, I no longer receive such email. I wonder why. And yet, their "plight" is as bad if not worse, so much so that many may be looking to the Taliban for protection.

I have been absolutely flabbergasted at how the "plight of Afghan women", as real as it was, has been used to massage all of us into accepting the Bush Administration's atrocities in Afghanistan. Those people were not interested in alleviating the misery of the Afghan women, indeed of all the Afghans! I did not know it then but I do now. I fell for it hook, line and sinker!

And what does the Bush Administration have to show today?

This: "One NGO worker, comparing present conditions to the Taliban era said that under the Taliban, if a woman showed her flesh she would be flogged; now she will be raped."

And this: In some areas girls have been abducted on the way to school. Women and girls are raped in their homes, typically during the evening or night during armed robberies. One attack was seemingly intended to silence a women’s rights activist."

And so to all those asking our troops to "stay the course" for the sake of the "Afghan women", I would say: Spare me the hysteria!

BBS said...

Interesting to note though, that this Afghan legislator is in favour of all th e foreign troops remaining in Afghanistan. Her complaint, and a legitimate one it is, is with the makeup of the current Afghan parliament.

eugene plawiuk said...

BBS in Kabul where they are needed to defend the elected MP's from attack by the Warlords and Karzai hacks. Interesting no. I also liked your comment eleswhere about CIDA funding in Afghanistan. Especially the funding of crop alternatives in Kandahar. Funny that if you read my the War For Women's rights you will see an interview with a woman who is involved with farmers in Kandahar and they can't buy land or get cash cause like there are NO BANKS.
Now for a struggling capitalist economy one would think that along with schools and hospitals the first thing to be built is a bank.
So where is that CIDA money going?