Saturday, September 09, 2006

Blogging Tories Campaign Fails

The Bloginng Tories campaign to end funding for Status of Women is now online with a petition.

It is pathetic that since this campaign began last month their petition has a total of 592 signatures. And many of those signatures are from men. You know the guys these rightwhingblogs have been complaining about.

Ohh bestill my beating heart, the masses have spoken. Actually these dweebs deliberately confuse a federal department with a feminist organization, the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, which lobbies the department.

Be that what it may, this campaign is a tempest in a teapot, created by the ladies auxilary of the neo-cons.

The petition should have thousands of signatures the way they claim to speak for all Canadian women. Less than 600 signatures is pathetic and speaks the the failure of the right whing blogs to actually mobilize any grassroots support. They are only good at appearing to speak for a movement, enough to get them some press coverage. But when push comes to shove they are politically weak-tea.

When John Loney was held captive in Iraq, the petition to save our PeakeMakers got over thirty thousand signatures in a few days. 592 over a month is a dribble.

When it began the MSM that made a big deal out of this faux campaign. It should now be reporting on the failure of this campaign, but it won't. Moving on to other issues now. Ironically the campaign came to the attention of the MSM via Steve Janke's whitewhing blog. Anti-feminist Janke is a man. Surprise!

This is all about the Blogging Tory self promoting echo chamber sturm and drang signifying nothing. No real campaign of the masses, just right wing special interest politics.

It is also addressed to the wrong person. It asks the Finance Minister to end funding for the Status of Women.

Fine and dandy except that Status of Women is its own department and cabinet position under
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women - Bev Oda.
Whom BigBlueWave called a radical feminist. Really.

So it's a bunch of radical feminist bureaucrats consulting radical feminists to hear what they want to hear to promote more radical feminism on my dime.”

So they can't even get the who in the petition right and then they accuse Bev Oda of being a feminist bureaucrat. Hilarious.

Of course this is a simple case of misdirected misanthropic myopic mysoginist politics. There I got to use all the M words. Except mother. Ok, their mothers should be ashamed of them.

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Hailey said...

Whether there is one signature or 10,000 signatures it really isn't the only measure of success.

The most successful thing that came out of the discussion is truth.

We got to see the true spirit of many supporters of the Status of Women

Men calling women cunts, sluts, and harlots.

Feminist women insulting women who stayed at home.

These will be lasting impressions that will give people who are concerned about the influence of feminism on our culture real living current examples of why people should give such pause when they are reflecting on these issues.

There is a huge victory - an enormous victory - in being able to share with people these words.

kurichina said...

This is a tempest is teapot. Right now, I don't believe the Cons plan on doing anything against SWC. They are a small department, funding pretty standard community groups and doing good research. They may be testing it, but I'm pretty certain REAL Women is mainly preaching to the choir on this one, as Audra's writing on this has already likely spurred the same number of people writing their MPs by post to keep SWC as REAL women have signatures on their online petition. (Although, generally, I feel online petitions are a pretty bad tool, open to abuse, and I usually don't sign ones with which I agree anyway.)

I laughed out loud when Suzanne of Big Blue Wave called me "another pissed off feminist" for this fairly dry post.

The use of the acronym 'SOW' instead the standard 'SWC' just shows the schoolyard level of discourse on the right.

Hailey, if someone called you a slut for being a mom (which I doubt, but w/e), I wouldn't consider them a feminist ally and I'd ask them to reconsider their language. You're reacting to internet stupidity by isolated individuals. Anyone (especially a man) who uses that language isn't the "true spirit" of feminism in the least; they are at best joiners of a cause. And I know you aren't really so dim as to think otherwise.

eugene plawiuk said...

Hailey despite your assertion and that of many of your fellow travelers on the right that feminist women denounce women staying at home, I would have to say that is patently untrue and you know it.
What feminism denounced was being forced out of the workforce into the home after WWII. Where domseticiation was seen as the only job/role for women in order to make sure men had factory jobs upon returning from the War.
The later critiques of housework etc. as stifling of womens aspirations in no way said that women as homemakers were less worthy than women having careers.
As for housework I find it interesting that it is the radical feminists like Selma James who call for wages for house work. Not tax breaks for stay at home moms, but wages.
How do you stand on that issue.

As for feminism affecting out culture you make no mention of sexism, mysogyny, or chauvinism. These I take it are of course a creation of feminist hysteria.