Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rushton Is A Fascist

A recent study proves it is ''very likely'' that the reason women have difficulty rising to the top in their careers is because they are less intelligent than men, according to controversial University of Western Ontario psychologist J. Philippe Rushton.

The professor already criticized for claiming that whites are intellectually superior to blacks, and that higher AIDS rates in Africa are due to a more insatiable sexual appetite in the black community believes the ''glass ceiling'' phenomenon is probably due to innate ability rather than discrimination.Men smarter than women

Very likely is a weak statement. But Phil Rushton has never let that stop him from painting in broad strokes to justify his fascist ideology. And I don't use that term lightly.

Rushton has been associated with American Renaissance, a white nationalist monthly magazine. He has also written articles for VDARE, a right-wing anti-immigrant website.

I was at the Learned Socities meeting at UWO when Le Affaire Rushton occured. He is from UWO. He published his paper on blacks being stupid, whites smart, asians smarter causing an uproar in academia and in the MSM. Now he is attacking women, should make Real Women happy. This headline is telling;

Men Smarter than Women, Scientist Claims

Psychologists are NOT scientists, despite their attempt over the past three decades to pretend they are. Psychology is a social science, which has about as much in common with science as it does Art.

Rushton uses statistical data to prove his points, just as his American counterparts did with their book the Bell Curve. The ressurection of fascist psychology by Rushton and his American counterparts began with Arthur Jensen, whom Rushton adores. And lets make no bones about it Rushton is a fascist psychologist, all his work is directed towards differentiating humans by race and now sex. It is the political nature that underscores all his research.

His articles are published in defense of eugenics. He has supporters like this guy.
and well known Nazi supporters like Paul Fromm. And he is admired by the White Nationalists. No surprize that when we writes things like this.

American Renaissance News: Genes Contribute to Patriotism and Group Loyalty

Research showing the importance of genetic similarity to group loyalty and patriotism was published in the October issue of Nations and Nationalism, an academic journal of the London School of Economics.

The paper, entitled “Ethnic nationalism, evolutionary psychology, and genetic similarity theory” shows that genetic similarity is a “social glue” in groups as small as two spouses and best friends, or in those as large as nations and alliances.

The evidence comes from studies of identical and non-identical twins, adopted and non-adopted children, blood tests, social assortment, heritabilities, family bereavements, and large-scale population genetics.

For example, identical twins grieve more for their co-twin than do non-identical twins. And, family members grieve more for children who resemble their side of the family than they do their spouse’s side.

Also, spouses who are more genetically similar have longer and more satisfying marriages.

Based on their DNA, two randomly chosen individuals from the same ethnic group are found to be as related as first cousins.

Thus, two random people of English ancestry are the equivalent of a 3/8 cousin compared to people from the Near East; a 1/2 cousin by comparison with people from India; and like full cousins by comparison with people from China.

The study’s author, J. Philippe Rushton, professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario said, “This explains why people describe themselves as having “ties of blood” with members of their own ethnic group, who they view as “special” and different from outsiders; it explains why ethnic remarks are so easily taken as ‘fighting words.’”

Rushton belongs to the a group of uptown intellectuals who cleverly cover their racism and fasicist ideology under the cover of science and academic respectability. Not unlike defrocked fascist David Irving.

His phoney science was exposed by Stephen J. Gould in his book The Measure of Man.

Here is a man who has power and authority and a teaching position but for that establishment standing would be considered as much of a crackpot as this guy.

The work of Philip Rushton at University of Western Ontario on the intelligence of Aryans, Asian, and Africans is no accident. It represents part of the backlash to the demand for inclusion. Many debates in the African Canadian community charge fields such as Psychology, Anthropology, Education, History, Sociology with advancing racist and sexist agendas. There is a challenge, therefore, to re-examine the content and the motives of these disciplines. Many feel that these disciplines attempt to appropriate and define people of African descent without their participation. To further exacerbate the situation, university professors have the power to deny authority to the voice of these groups. For example, books published by African scholars on the psychology or sociology of African people are rarely be used as texts in "White" institutions. Herein lies the challenge to our world view.Challenges of Teaching in the 90s

We should not now be surprised that Rushton would apply his fascist ideology towards women. For woman hatred is the core nature of the fascist ideology as Theweitweit observed in his work Male Fantasies.

Fascism is the political ideology of the little man, who wants to be in power and is also afraid of the powers of others, as radical psychologistWilhelm Reich pointed out.

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1 comment:

Ben017 said...

Your article about Rushton is quite unfair. His research actually shows that East Asians, on average, have the highest IQ scores. This is consistent with their academic performance in NZ & the US.

Also, Gould's book 'the Mismeasure of Man' focuses on phrenology & testing from the turn of the century. It's like criticising physics or chemistry from a 100 years ago. It is not seen as a strong criticism of research over the past 30 years or so.

From your post, I understand that you dislike Rushton's findings because they go against your strongly ingrained view of the world. Actually, Gould had quite Marxist views & obviously part of that is that human nature is environmentally determined, not genetic. Unfortunately, there are genetic differences amongst groups (although considerable overlap too).

If you actually read the Bell Curve you will see that it refers to averages - so you should still treat a person as an individual, not on the colour of their skin.