Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Big Canada

This is Ken Drydens catch phrase for his campaign. Big Canada. Oh be still my beating heart it makes a tear well up in my eye, I can feel the Trudeau era returning with that phrase. Like Trudeau used Just Society, taking off from of course LBJ's Great Society. Big Canada needs Big Government is Drydens subtext.

Big Canada. Hmm reminds me that yes Canada is a big country. Second biggest in the world. So a suggestion to Dryden ( cause he has no campaign workers) You should have made your messaging/slogan; Big Country.

Cause his is a campaign that is all things to all Liberals...

e dismissed media analysis of the leadership contest that has generally had him trailing MP Michael Ignatieff, one-time Ontario NDP premier Bob Rae, former environment minister Stéphane Dion and former Ontario education minister Gerard Kennedy.

In other words he is desperately seeking a niche in the Leadership Race by saying me too!

Big Canada, whoa thats a real winner. NOT.

Dryden remains at the back of the bus.

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