Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pakistan Wants Our Nukes

The Terrorist state in Pakistan wants Canada to supply it with nuclear fuel and technology.

Pakistan is expected to push Canadian Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor for help with obtaining Canadian nuclear power technology today, as he visits Islamabad for talks about the rising Taliban insurgency in southern Afghanistan, a Canadian newspaper reported on Friday. Pakistan wants N-bargain with Canada

Hello these guys have the bomb. They have missle delivery systems. And unlike Iran they do not belong to the Non Proliferation Pact. Oh yeah and they make deals with the Taliban while declaring war on the nationalist/autonomy movement in gas rich
Balochistan province

But of course our Foreign Policy is now being dictated by the White House so why should this be a surprize? The US will supply India with Nuclear fuel, and Canada will supply Pakistan. Both countries are rogue when it comes to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act. But hey they are allies in the war on terror. Thats the justification for all immoral acts.

Oh yes and Pakistan has decided to censor blogs, again. What was that about Freedom and Democracy spreading in the Middle East and surrounding areas?

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