Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NDP And Workers Control

You can tell that the Socialist Caucus has influenced the resolutions for the upcoming NDP convention this weekend. Tory Hack Stephen Taylor once again is outraged, outraged I say, over NDP Resolutions coming forward for the Convenetion.He is all upset over the fact that the caucus has submitted resolutions for nationalizing all Canadian industries. What Steve failed to highlight is this....

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a NDP government place all new public enterprises under democratic control by their workers, instituting direct election of plant managers and enterprise directors, with the right of recall by their electors, and have significant and meaningful participation in decision-making by consumers, environmental groups and local communities;

Same thing I said here over the need to put big oil and gas under worker/community control. This is the new left accepting that Statist Nationalization eg. Crown Corporations, are just the same old same old monopoly capitalism. Worker and community control is directly from the anarchist movements demand for self management. Something the left has finally accepted. And of course something those promoting private monopoly capitalism like Steve never will....

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