Sunday, September 03, 2006

Brison Kennedy Debate On QP

Liberal Leadership candidates Scott Brsion and Gerard Kennedy went at it tooth and tongs on CTV's Question Period today. Unfortunately this exciting debate between two Liberal Leadership Candidates is not posted on the CTV website.

So allow me to paraphrase the debate for you.

Kennedy: We should not be in Afghanistan

Brison: I agree

Stunning, enlightening, pithy, edge of your seat debate.

Can't wait till they do it in French.

Oh yes Brison spoke a sentence in broken French, Kennedy was smart enough not to.

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Dan McKenzie said...

Yah, not much of a debate. Although I can't be too upset that another candidate was pretty much agreeing with everything my guy had to say.

Perhaps Paul Wells might be right when he speculated that Brison would support Kennedy. I don't however see how Brison's career would be benefitted by supporting Kennedy. Does he think that Kennedy is the most likely to beat Iggy?

eugene plawiuk said...

The love fest was one sided all on Brisons side. So yes the speculation seems to be on target. Rae Vs. Ignatieff, Kennedy up the middle, gains a larger base coming in with Brisons support, and delegates. Just speculating.

John Murney said...

Dion isn't out of this thing either.
Great column, Eugene!

eugene plawiuk said...

You are right John, so who will be da king maker. I suspect Dion.

Kyle G. Olsen said...

An interesting thing about Gerard's position, is someone on the left can draw this conclusion of his position, while someone on the right can say "If the mission is refocused so it works, Gerard will continue to support it"

Now if that isn't nuance traditional in the liberal party I don't know what is.