Sunday, September 03, 2006

Whose We?

The screaming mimi of the right whing in Canada; Michael Coren writes in his Sun column this weekend; We should nuke Iran

Whose we? We, as in Canada, do not have nuclear weapons. Of course Mikey means the US. He seems to confuse which side of the border he is living on. What a nutbar. But it just goes to show if you are a right wing columnist in the right wing media that dominates this country, you can say anything.

He stoops to the lowest levels when he uses the appeasement arguement, trying to be a mini Rumsfeld I guess.....
The usual suspects will complain. The post-Christian churches, the Marxists, the fellow travelers and fifth columnists. But then, the same sort of people moaned and condemned in 1938. They were clearly wrong then. They would be just as wrong now.

What the heck is post-Christian churches. Huh? All churches are post-christ. And in fact are not Christ based but Pauline.

As for 1938 I am glad he brought that up. For the very allies who could have halted Fascism did not. Not by appeasement but by their blockading aid to the people of Spain during the Spainish Civil War 1936-1939. Which this year is the seventieth anniversary of.

Of course that was because Republican Spain was made up of the masses who were communists, anarchists and socialists. Mikey's pals were of course on the other side they were the Catholic Church and the Fascists.

Germany and Italy had no problem avoiding the allies blockade, and Germany developed the tactics of airwar and Blitzkrieg in Spain, later to be used on the rest of Europe. The blockade was set up not against Germany and Italy but against Canadian and other International voluteers who went to fight in Spain with the International Brigades. It was there to stop guns and material getting to Republican Spain. That was real appeasement in action.

Of course Mickey won't agree. Cause like Jason Kenney he would prefer fascism to communism.

A tip o' the blog to buckdog for this

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