Sunday, September 03, 2006

Voltaire Would Be Ashamed

Over this:

Jew hater sentenced
In a precedent-setting case, a Two Hills engineer was sent to jail for 16 months for showing what the judge called an "appalling" level of hatred toward Jews on his website. Crown prosecutor Steven Bilodeau said the case will be a "benchmark" for future cases because it's the first hate-crime conviction in Canada involving Internet postings.

Let us repeat the sacred oath of Liberty as attributed to the French Philosopher Voltaire;

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

Where is the outrage.Have we forgotten that the basis of liberty is free speech.

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." (George Orwell)

Oh yeah this is Canada and we have limits on free speech. Unlike our American counterparts.

Both the Charter and the Criminal Code do not allow for unfettered free speech in Canada and now it is being applied to the internet.

So this kind of crap happens to people who wear tinfoil hats. No literally his wife wears a tinfoil hat. She thinks aliens talk to her.

Sentana-Ries, who changed his name from Reinhard Mueller, was found guilty by a jury in December of wilfully promoting hatred for anti-Semitic writings he posted on his website, Federation of Free Planets.

On the site, he blamed Jews for everything from lying about the Holocaust to engineering the AIDS virus to kill scores of people and make the population easier to control.

During often-bizarre sentencing arguments Thursday, Sentana-Ries, who acted as his own lawyer, informed court that he held the title of "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" and as such was the guardian and protector of Jewish people. He also said he and his wife, Seila Sentana-Ries, had been persecuted for nearly a decade by various spy agencies because of their secret powers and knowledge.

His website is called the Federation of Free Planets and he claims to be the Lion of Juadeh. By now we have figured out this guy is a nut bar. So would anyone reading his ramblings. So they institutionalize him by putting him in jail. Cause in Alberta we closed all the mental institutes.Which is where he should probably be.

If his site is so scary and offesnsive how come it's so hard to find? I did a Google search could not find it I kept getting Star Trek sites. I finally found it by Googling his psuedonymn but only because it was refered to in a message board. This guy is a real danger you know cause you really, really, have to look for his page.

Of course dweebs like this guy will be applauding this attack on free speech. Though he too is guilty of hate speech.

While we are on the subject of leftist anti-Jewish hate, why does Ted, whose blog does such pioneering work, link to an anti-Semite like Robert "F*** the Jews" McClelland? Not for the same reasons that someone else regularly does, I expect. So why, Ted, why? That bigot and the hater calling himself "Dawg" don't belong on your site."

The irony is this occured in Conservative Republican lite Alberta. Supposedly the home of right wing libertarians like Monte Solberg, Stephen Harper, the NCC etc. etc. You know the guys that claim to hate the Nanny State.

Imagine how terrible it would be to live in Canada if it weren’t for a government that suckles, guides, and watches over us for our entire lives, no matter where we go or what we do, just like a gigantic, doting, dependent, mildly abusive mother (sure, mom has her faults but who doesn’t?). Welcome to Canadaby Monte Solberg

And lets not forget self professed libertarian Rona Ambrose.

Rona Ambrose, self-described as a libertarian and avid reader of Ayn Rand, gained a cabinet post as Environment Minister ahead of many other more experienced Alberta MPs. She has previously worked on intergovernmental affairs for the Alberta government.

Will she speak out on this attack on free speech. Doubtful. She is MIA as environment minister, so coming out of her gopher hole to speak out over this anti-libertarian statist censorship is unlikely.

And freedom of course is a contradiction to this mishmash ideology of so called conservatives, they want a free market but support a statist Christian interpretation of morality.

There are free market-oriented social conservatives who have some paleo instincts, including Alliance M.P.s Jason Kenney and Monte Solberg.

But in reality it is a sop to the Zionist lobby in Canada who would deny us free speech claiming any opposition to Israel is anti-semitism, To praphrase GB Shaw "accusations of anti-semitism are the the last refuge of the scoundral".

This sop to the Zionists by the Conservatives is ironic indeed. The Reform/Alliance/Conservatives are awash in real neo-nazis and anti-semites as their base, and those wierdo evangelical Christians who see Israel as the coming of the Apocalypse and the Rapture.

Our so called Canadian Conservatives who claim to be economic libertarians are just as Statist as the Liberals.

This idiot had a web page, he is isolated in Two Hills, even if he published on the WWW and Internet. He does not hold a position of influence like of a noted Historian and Fascist like David Irving. And his site is far less scary than this guy.
Or these guys.

Who may be next? Why not the Western Standard of course, since they published anti-Mulsim hate articles. Will Ezra Levant speak out for free speech on the internet? Even if is is anti-semitic. Unlikely.

There is glee in this report from the Canadian Jewish News, that free speech is restricted in Canada.

Len Rudner, director of community relations for Canadian Jewish Congress, said, “to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time there’s been a successful conviction under [hate crime laws] for contents on an Internet website.”

He said it was significant that an existing piece of legislation was applied to a new medium. “But there was never anything in Section 319 [of the Criminal Code regarding hate crimes] that would act as a bar to it applying to the Internet,” he added.

Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman said the charge and conviction of Mueller “just shows how on top of things the Edmonton [Police] hate crime unit is. They really have become the poster child of what a hate crimes unit can do.”

Warman said a second Edmonton man, Glenn Bahr, has also been charged under the Criminal Code for material he allegedly posted on two websites.

Beware you could be next!

I wrote this after having presented a workshop on Godwin, Proudhon and Benjamin Tucker on Anarchism at this weekends Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair.

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