Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fire Da Bums

Tiger-Cats stun Esks

Stun? How about the fact that the Esks rookie Coach and overpaid QB were stunned. All game they wandered around stunned. Our rookie coach whose claim to fame is he won a Grey Cup last year, shows that ain't true. The Esks as a team won, he rode their coattails in particular those of Jason Maas who got his and Ricky Ray's asses out of the sling on several occassions. The team was a winning combination. Ray can't throw long passes, Maas can deliver when he needs to.

Overpaid rookie Ray won the Grey Cup one year, again it was a team effort not a solo job. For that his head swells and he goes south to sit on the bench in the NFL for a year. He comes back here and Rookie Coach Maciocia which is Italian for Clown, no sorry thats Rigaleto, pays him an overpriced salary for underachieving talent.

Maciocia blamed the team over after the Labour Day Classic when Calgary handed the Esks their butts. Uh huh. The team didn't have the spirit, the hunger, the well whatever ....It's da coach stupid. Your job is to coach, to strategize, to think, to come up with plays for the team to execute.


"My job? I'm not afraid one bit, because they can't take away my kids and they can't take away my health. So whatever happens, happens. That's the least of my concerns," -- Edmonton head coach Danny Maciocia

Good say bye bye...

Your QB is the guy that fronts the team, well Ricky Ray is all about well Ricky Ray, and his biggest fan aint the rest of the team or even fans in Edmonton its da rookie coach. God if the stars in
Maciocia's eyes gleamed any brighter I would think he has a 'thing' for Ricky.

And thats the downfall of the Esks this season. It was written all over last nights game. No offense, Jason Maas sat in the shotgun, heck shotgun it was a window, heck it was a full balcony of space as the Esks failed to hit him.

Defense, what defense, again in reverse a hole so big you could run a bulldozer through it.

Failed completions, lots. Ricky Ray's special throw the ball over twenty yards and it goes nowhere. Throw it under and you get a completion. And then stupid plays that even a rookie would never Ray's a rookie no longer.

Hamilton couldn't run out the clock, and Edmonton had two chances to mount late scoring drives.

Their last attempt was foiled when Hamilton defensive end Steve Josue knocked the ball out of Edmonton quarterback Ricky Ray's hands with under a minute to play to preserve Hamilton's first victory since an Aug. 4 road win over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Ray threw three interceptions and finished the day with 24 completions on 40 attempts for 323 yards.

Edmonton head coach Danny Maciocia said he felt midway through the fourth quarter that his team was on the verge of a comeback.

"Good things are happening and, unfortunately, we turned over the ball again," he said. "And that's pretty much been the story of our season."Ticats score win over Eskimos

What a disaster. Couldn't have happened to a better couple of clowns. The other guy they need to fire is Hugh Campbell, the genius who hired
Maciocia, and let him hire Ray. Campbell didn't even have the guts to show up to the Labour Day classic, went fishing. At Ralph Kleins fishing hole probably. Hasn't been around for the last couple of games rumour has it. So fire him too. The team doesn't need a shake up, the leadership does.

Look the Esks are the backbone of the CFL. Don't believe me how many teams don't have Esk alumni as QB, offense, defense, coaches etc. In fact Calgary could be called Esks South and Hamilton could be Esks East. And the Esks have proveded this province with two Premiers and Edmonton with a Mayor.

Its the Esks against the Esks.
And with a rookie coach and a 'rookie' QB, Ray hardly played all year last year, well it looks like we are in the toilet this year.

And I am pissed, if you hadn't guessed.

I will give noted Edmonton Sportswriter Terry Jones the finally recap of yesterdays mauling by the Tigers. Hey Terry what went wrong with the Esks?

They didn't show up until the second half.

They might as well have rolled out a red carpet down the middle of the field for Devon Fowlkes to return a punt 87 yards to the end zone. Moses didn't part the Red Sea with that much room to work.

Some will write it off as Hamilton always being a tough place for the Eskimos to play.


This is only the second time since interlocking play began that the Eskimos had lost games in back-to-back seasons in Hamilton.

This football team is now on life support because they keep committing suicide.

Head coach Danny Maciocia, coaching from the edge of a cliff throughout a season in which he won the Grey Cup as a first-year head coach, pleaded for a show of pride from this team against Calgary.

They gave it to him and that gave Edmonton hope. Hope turned back to nope last night.

Now in the second game of the back-to-back Basement Bowl or Toilet Bowl series in which Hamilton can now match the four wins the Eskimos have to show for this season, is Maciocia going to have to plead for pride again? Against Hamilton? At home?

One thing is still there for the Eskimos this season, however. Never before have they managed to lose all nine games on the road.




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CfSR said...

I wish I could say I'm sympathetic, but I can't.

It's not as if the Stamps are much better, but a better record than Edmonton is good enough for me.

eugene plawiuk said...

Higgins is pure Eskimo