Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Replacement For Ambrose

Our MIA Minister of the Environment Rona Ambrose, who by the delightful negligence she has shown, now faces law suits. She who tells us its ok if we are losing endangered species. Who creates a Green Plan in consultation with her allies in the Alberta Oil business.Who faces a private members resolution to remove her from the job.

She could easily be replaced. By someone who actually takes the environment seriously, who has a plan and who recognizes the libertarian value of DIY that can mobilize a community green campaign.

Yep I am talking about Tory bad boy Garth Turner, who on his blog says this...

So I decided to drive back to pick up Dorothy and Cheka last night and get down to the lake for a last weekend before everything hits the fan in Ottawa. I need a few more hours to finish off my Citizen’s Guide to the Environment, which I hope to have posted here in the next few days, then sent around to all the homes in the riding. The older I get it seems the more I worry about the damage we are doing to this world, and I’m committed to trying to get people to change a few daily habits.

The This-is-not-Kyoto Green Plan 2 is scheduled to be released in the next few weeks, and I’m looking forward to a bold vision that can last a generation and erase a decade of environmental irresponsibility. But a national strategy of clean air and conservation is just one aspect of a better world. My neighbour Allan going down the beach with shopping bags last night is another. He went and cleaned up the incredible pile of garbage left by mush-for-brains teenagers who held a drinking party about a kilometer from our door. Nobody asked him. He just loves this place. It loves him.

It's the stuff like this this that makes one say yeah Garth you're da man.

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