Sunday, September 10, 2006

Layton On The Attack

Jacks closing speech at the NDP Convention in Quebec City was dynamite. It was dynamic. It reflected all the hard work done at the convention this weekend, policies that place the party in the lead on issues of sustainable economics, the environment, social policy, etc.

The emphasis on the environment will place the NDP in clear competition with the Green Party, and will get them votes from the Greens. Because the GP does not have a political prescence in the house.

It set the party on notice that this was the election convention. And the party is running for government. Given the continued wanderings in the desert by the Liberals with their ten candidates for leader, no matter who they elect it will be a lame duck.

Unlike the snore fest in Quebec City this afternoon with the Liberal Leadership Debate, Layton covered issues in detail. And hey he didn't forget about the Liberals riding on the NDP coat-tails either.

Now as you may know, when the Liberals heard that we were holding this convention in Quebec City, they decided to invite themselves along.

So they scheduled one of their modest leadership events in this city, pretty much at the same place, and at the same time.

As I speak, Liberal leadership candidates are gathering with what could be called a pretty beat-up and discouraged little group of surviving federal Liberals from Quebec.

Quite a contrast with this convention!

There's Mr Ignatieff, who has decided to pop into Canada from Harvard to see if he can be crowned Liberal leader.

Failing that, it would seem he's planning to go back home to Boston.

Then there is a certain failed one-term Ontario premier who, it turns out, is also a turncoat.

He thinks that's the kind of competence and character the Liberals need in a leader.

And then there's a son of this city -- Stephane Dion.

A man with whom I have fundamental disagreements about how Canada should build and renew itself.

But also a man who is, if I may say so across the partisan divide, distinct from his principal opponents in being a committed Canadian and a man of principle and conviction.

And therefore almost certain not to be elected leader of the Liberal party.

And it just got better and better after that.

Jack put Canada on notice, it's the NDP or Harper. There is no other choice.

Layton calls on Canadians to punish Tories

NDP Leader Jack Layton urged his troops to prepare Sunday for an election campaign he seems determined to fight against U.S. President George W. Bush.

He mentioned the U.S. president at least five times in a closing address to his party's convention and accused the Tory government of being his servant.

On climate change, on the softwood-lumber deal and on the Afghan conflict, Layton accused the Tories of selling out Canadian interests to satisfy Bush and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of being a lackey of the Republican White House.

"He's become a cheerleader for President George Bush and he's leading Canada down the wrong track on every issue that matters to ordinary people," Layton said.

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