Sunday, September 10, 2006

Harper Messaging on Afghanistan

The Harper messaging is loud and clear on Afghanistan.

As seen on CPAC yesterday in a debate and phone in show with by CP MP
Tom Lukwiski Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform, debating NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Alexa Mcdonough he kpt repeating; "You don't bargain with terrorists, the Taliban are terrorists, Do you want the Taliban to take over again." Over and over and over and over and over....

When finally flustered by Alexa's explanations of the need to have a peace process in place, support for reconstruction and a limited troop prescence in the North, he spurted out the Rumsfeld line; "Thats' appeasement".

Now I know he thinks the Taliban are terrorists however they are just one of many Mujahdin groups that were left to fight an internecine civil war after the Soviets left. A powerful movement originating in the Terror State of Pakistan.

He is clearly confusing the Taliban with Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Remeber them. Still on the loose five years later when the Americans originally attacked and occupied Afghanistan to get him.

The favourite line from the war on terror's military/industrial complex is that in 2001 Osama bin Laden "changed the rules of the game". (Forgotten is that he attacked the same target in 1993, his error being one of civil engineering.)

George Bush
repeated the change thesis again on Wednesday in confirming his secret interrogation camps and the excuse for the five-year delay in bringing al-Qaeda suspects to justice.

Tony Blair
cites the change with every curb on civil liberty.

The "new" terrorism requires a new approach to public safety. The security industry cries amen. Most of this is self-serving drivel. Nervous rulers have colluded with soldiers and businessmen throughout history to cite some ethnic or religious menace when needing more power and higher taxes.

Or else the White House is writing the Tories messaging. Ya think?!

Despite Canada's newfound role in Afghanistan, Mr. Cellucci feels Canada's foreign policy has remained relatively unchanged since the terrorist attacks five years ago, and should continue to work internationally to bring peace and stability. "Canada continues to play an important role around the world," he says. "There continue to be other trouble spots and that's where Canada can step up. The U.S. can't do everything."

This is the messaging that the Harpocrites will be using over the next few weeks;
"War on terror, the Taliban will take over if we leave, cut and run, appeasement."

Sourced from the White House.

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