Monday, September 18, 2006

Mike Duffy Makeover

Scoop Alberta style. Yep while the Press Gallery continues its low intensity war with the PMO the CTV/Global/Bell network has made peace with the PM. In this case a remade Mike Duffy appears to have scooped an interview. He is skinnier, pockfaced and decidedly right wing of opinion.

Opps I'm sorry thats not Mike its David Rutherford of Corus Media group; Qr77 Calgary/CHED radio Edmonton fame.
" I have biases like everyone else and I don't hide them."

The right wing mouthpiece of the Reform wing of the Conservative party. Man if you lived here and ever listened to this guy well you would know that all that comes out of either Klein or Harper, or Manning before him, is pure policial wisdom. Mike wasn't on the show today Rutherford was, with a fawning interview with his old Calgary pal Harper.

It was political softball. Not hardball. Rutherford empitomizes the right wing talk show hosts that dominate the Corus Radio, Canwest, Global media universe in Canada.

Given these guys are pals well watch for yourself and see.

In a one-on-one interview with the Western Standard in June, Prime Minister Harper responded to the controversy by saying the gallery has made it easier for him to communicate his messages. "I'm free to pick my interviews when and where I want to have them," he told the Standard. "The great irony is, the result is precisely the opposite of what those doing it claim to be seeking. They say if I don't do it their way, I'll somehow gain more control over my media relations. Well, I've got more control now."

It's just like the Klein regime, which also favours CTV affiliates in Alberta giving them preferential access to the Premier for years. Paying for his fireside chats to be broadcast on the private network. It appears Harper is doing the same old Klein trick.

So if the CBC is liberal lefty media in Canada can we be forgiven for calling CTV, Corus, Canwest, now the voice of the right. Was Duffy really ill or is this an ousting of the Liberal dominated political reporting in a shift to the right. A testing of the waters to see if Rutherford has TV personality, he doesn't but hey it forced him to tone down his opinions in favour of letting others speak.

Oh and for my rightwhing friends like BBS and Dazzling Dino who always comment on how our troops in Afghanistan never were there for peacekeeping, read Harpers lips...he says "Our troops were in Kandahar doing peacekeeping, handing out candy to children" when the nasty Taliban killed them.

So one day its peacekeeping the next its warmaking. Yep this mission is clear to all of us now. Thanks CTV.

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