Monday, September 18, 2006

When Is Sorry Not Sorry

When you don't apologise for what you said but for the reacton to what you said.

Pope 'deeply sorry' at backlash on comments

And we are still waiting for him to apologize for his attacks on secular, humanist, pluralistic, democratic society. And for all the martyrs the Catholic Church created who fought for this society.Because the Vatican has never apologized for its attack on rationalism or science. Nor has it ceased to attack reason and science.

Remember Giordano Bruno died for you.

"The universe comprises all being in a totality; for nothing that exists is outside or beyond infinite being, as the latter has no outside or beyond." Giordano Bruno, On the Cause, Principle, and Unity (fifth dialogue).

Giordano Bruno can, without much doubt, be referred to as the martyr of Freethought.

Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher
For six years, between 1593 and 1600 he lay in a Papal prison. Was he forgotten, tortured? Whatever historical records there are never have been published by those authorities who have them. In the year 1600 a German scholar Schoppius happened to be in Rome and wrote about Bruno, who was interrogated several times by the Holy Office and convicted by the chief theologians. At one time he obtained forty days to consider his position; by and by he promised to recant, then renewed his "follies." Then he got another forty days for deliberation but did nothing but baffle the pope and the Inquisition. After two years in the custody of the Inquisitor he was taken on February ninth to the palace of the Grand Inquisitor to hear his sentence on bended knee, before the expert assessors and the Governor of the City.

Bruno answered the sentence of death by fire with the threatening: "Perhaps you, my judges, pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear than I receive it." He was given eight more clays to see whether he would repent. But it was no use. He was taken to the stake and as he was dying a crucifix was presented to him, but he pushed it away with fierce scorn.

Giordano Bruno and the Infinite Universe

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Giordano Bruno the Nolan was an excommunicated Dominican friar who had developed an art, science and philosophy which was a Hermetic interpretation of Copernicus and Lucretius. Francis A. Yates, a primary interpreter of Bruno for our age, has written of him, The lunatic, the lover, and the poet were never all of imagination so compact as in Giordano Bruno. His life and stand against the mediocrity of papal hierarchy and monastic privilege of his times is the essence of the artist/rebel/poet which we are so familiar with now.

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1 comment:

Erik Abbink said...

It just shows you the world hasn't changed much.

This is how it works:
1. You do some kind of infuriating statement/action
2. You wait for the reaction

Than you've got two things that can happen:
a. the statement/action is taken for granted by the majoroty of people(ideal, you pushed the line)
b. you have infuriated a large mass of people and some kind of response (you really didn't mean to hurt the feelings of "so many") is needed

When a. you get away with it; no further action is needed. When b. you tell everyone you're sorry, BUT: never apologize. Apologizing is for wimps, not for people in power.

This is indeed a conservative way. The only that makes it neo-con is that they will say they are "sincerely sorry" (when it is overly clear they are not); it's not enough.

The West still has a lot to learn. We (as in the people) have to dismiss the "sorry for the response" for what it is and ask for a real apology, or else demand that people who make these kind of statements/actions, on purpose or not, step down. We need real leaders, not neo-cons like George Bushes or Joseph Alois Ratzingerers.