Monday, September 18, 2006

Pyramid in Ukraine

Bronze Age pyramid found in Ukraine

The discovery of a Bronze age pyramid in the Ukraine, pre-dating Egyptian pyramids and those of South America gives credibility to the assertion of a young amatuer pyramidologist that there may be a pyramid in Bosnia.

Indiana Jones of the Balkans and the mystery of a hidden pyramid ...

With this latest find it appears that pyramid culture, like monument builders was a distinct development in human civilization. Challening two assumptions, first that people in ancient Europe were primitive and underdeveloped and second that they were nomadic and war like. See Kurgan Peoples.

In fact this discovery also gives greater credence to the controversial theories of archaeologist Maria Gimbutas who claimed that the earliest Indo-Europeans came from the Ukraine. Ukrainian scholars have claimed that a distinct Kievan (the Rus) culture existed early than it is credited with by Western scholars.

Indo-European Origins in Southeast Europe

Followed by expansion into India as well as Persia.

If this pyramid is older than those found in Egypt then this discovery may indicate that Indo-Europeans arrived in the Nile region coincidental with similar movements of Semitic and African peoples at the time.

3rd millennium BC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Archaeologists in Ukraine have unearthed the remains of an ancient pyramidal structure that pre-dates those in Egypt by at least 300 years. The stone foundations of the structure, which probably resembled Aztec and Mayan ziggurats in South America, were discovered near the eastern city of Lugansk.

It is thought they were laid about five millennia ago during the early Bronze Age by animists who worshipped a sun god. The “pyramid” is in fact a complex of temples and sacrificial altars topping a sculpted hillside with steps on its sides.

Viktor Klochko, head of the excavation, said the discovery was of international significance. “This is the first monument of its age and kind found in eastern Europe,” he told the Guardian. “It changes our whole conception of the social structure and the level of development of the cattle breeders and farmers who were the direct ancestors of most European peoples.”


The Monument Builders

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Larry Gambone said...

3000 BC fits in perfectly with the Kurgan invaders who destroyed the earlier Ukrainian civilization shortly before then. It should be noted that one of the oldest urban civilizations in the world circa 5500 BC arose in the Ukraine and one of their towns had 10,000 people. It should also be pointed out that there is no archelogical evidence for great inequalities of wealth, power and gender in thise towns, ie it looks like no state or classes, folks. (Nestor Makhno's roots go back a looooong way!)

eugene plawiuk said...

Gimbutas says that the Kurgans were a later patriarchical culture that overthrew a matriarchical based peaceful communist society.

Corvae said...

A pyramid in the Ukraine would be great if it were true. All I've found are news sites, and your picture is from an excavation in Turkey, as found at this Russian site. (do a babel tranlation)

This is the excavation

It seems that now there is suspicion of Bosnian pyramid (a whole lot of rocks and an old cellar, going by the photos) every country wants their own.