Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Tories Acid Rain Solution

“The Harper government will focus its environmental policy on fighting smog and improving air quality, with less emphasis on reducing greenhouse gases – largely carbon emissions – that are at the heart of the Kyoto accord,” the Globe wrote in a front page story last Friday.

Clean air is not the same as greenhouse gases. Typical Tories stuck in the past, their made in Canada solution was made by Brian Mulroney, twenty years ago. Clean Air is Acid Rain reduction. But being Conservatives they of course live in the past.

Environment Canada is set to spend 10 times more on improving air quality than on reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the next three years, according to figures released yesterday.The department made its spending plans known yesterday in its annual report to Parliament on plans and priorities, otherwise known as its estimates.The department said it plans to spend $687-million over the next three years to protect Canadians and the environment "from the effects of pollution and waste."This compares with $61.3-million to be spent on greenhouse gas reductions. Ministry to focus on smog control

I guess they got the message after Mulroney got the Green Politician award last spring from none other than the current head of the Green party and the Environmental community. So I guess someone should tell the Harpocrites you can't get the award for doing the same thing a second time.

I understand that they have sent this leaked report back for reconsideration by cabinet. Opps. Maybe they should wait for the reccomedations of the Auditor Generals department to be released tomorrow. There is a Made in Canada plan.

Apparently though they have no intentions of consulting anybody but the very best experts in the field of Green House Gas Emissions in Canada.

Canadian Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn said today in an interview that talks with energy companies in advance of the new environmental strategy's release ``are going very well.'' Lunn, 49, also said industry seems ``very receptive'' to helping cut emissions by investing more in cleaner technology.

Lunn himself courts the nutbars that deny climate change. You know the Conservatives are like Fox news fair and balanced. There are after all two sides to a story. Thats why we teach flat earth theory in science class. But this guy is also a lobbyist for the Calgary Petro Industry. The folks that approve all Tory environment policies.

Federal Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn is distancing himself and his government from a Conservative party gathering in Victoria today featuring a controversial scientist who dismisses warnings about the dangers of climate change.

Retired climatologist Tim Ball, sponsored by the Calgary-based Friends of Science group that is partly funded by the energy industry, travels the country arguing that global warming presents no threat and could even be good for Canada.

“Global warming? Let’s hope so,” Ball wrote in an essay published in June.

The breakfast speech was organized by Conservative electoral district associations in Victoria, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, and Lunn’s Saanich-Gulf Islands riding.

Ball “brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on this issue,” states the notice inviting Tories in the three ridings to the event.

“The federal Conservative government is scheduled to reveal its Environmental Policy in September. This is an opportune time to hear from Dr. Ball, who disputes many of the findings of scientists and environmentalists as to the issues surrounding global warming.”

Sticking to that plan ain't going to win them any new support. Which is the only reason they are focusing on the environment at all.

A polling firm recruited by the federal government is advising Prime Minister Stephen Harper that he can use a major environmental policy announcement in the coming weeks as a "wedge issue" to sway voter opinion in the next election.

But nothing has really changed since last summer. Conservatives' climate-change vision a foggy one




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