Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tory Cuts For All

The politically correct ideology of the right is to cut government and government programs. The trade in is of course that these cuts pay for tax cuts to business. How could it be otherwise. After all the cuts were not needed since we have a $13. billion dollar surplus.

Hey someone has to pay for the Harper cuts to business taxes. Why not make it womens groups, medical marijuana research (remember the Tories don't need no stinkin research dey got dem selves a War on Drugs), non-profit public policy research groups, assorted NGO's, etc.

You know those special interests that don't reflect Severely Normal Albertans...opps I meant Canadians.

Folks that got pork like these big spenders..
Flaherty scrooge to Canada's museums

Is it a coincidence that the Creationists are on a big push agianst museums just like Real Women is attacking Status of Women, because they are part of the War on Christianity. These are after all Harpers real base.

The Harpocrites claim that these programs were a waste of money and inefficient, but the reality it is ideloglogically driven, it is conservative political correctness run amok. Liberal programs axed under Tory spending cuts

So for the $1 billion in cuts what did Joe and Jane lunchbucket Canuck get? They got cuts as a special interest group too.

But what was the rationale for chopping $93 million from programs to promote adult literacy and workplace skills as well as a youth employment program that paid wage subsidies to employers who hired young people who would not otherwise have found work? These are the very kind of government programs that are vital to help Canada's working poor attain better-paying jobs. To take nearly 10 per cent of the cuts from assistance programs in Human Resources and Skills Development — the one ministry that is supposed to help the most vulnerable members of the workforce — suggests that these Canadians are not a priority at this time for the Conservatives. Use surplus to aid the working poor

When the New Government says tax cuts, just like the old government, they mean cuts to business taxes. The ultimate special interest group. What's good for business is good for our New government of Canada.

Our government believes that it is important that entrepreneurs like you have the opportunity to compete in a country with a supportive economic environment which rewards hard work and helps entrepreneurs get ahead. The reduction that we made this year in the small business eligibility threshold moved from $400,000—sorry, to $400,000 from $300,000. That goes to the point of wanting Canadians to reinvest in their small businesses and grow their businesses.

We’re also reducing the 12 per cent rate to 11.5 per cent in 2008 and 11 per cent in 2009. That’s the small business rate. We’ve provided the tax relief promised but not delivered, I might add, by the previous government.

We reduced the general corporate income tax rate. We eliminated the corporate surtax for all corporations. We eliminated the federal capital tax as of January 1, 2006. We are delivering results for businesses, not just good intentions. Just like you deliver results in your businesses.

So cutting taxes is one way to help Canadian businesses grow. Providing the right environment for growth is another.

You know, Canada wasn’t built by programs. Even though I’ve been in government for a while, it wasn’t built by governments either.

We must set clear and practical goals, make the right choices and work together—private sector and public sector—in a sustained and systematic way for an even better economic future. We need a competitive tax system. We need a competitive regulatory system.

Address by the Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance,
to the Ontario Convenience Stores Association Annual General Meeting

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