Thursday, September 28, 2006

US Declares War For The Arctic

Three front wars get you nowhere. I mean two front wars are to be avoided at all costs as history has shown. Until now, America has two fronts going in the Middle East.

But three front wars, that's nuts. But hey it's the American Empire we speak of so anything is possible with the new security state south of us. In this case they are extending their borders to include the Arctic. So its now a battle on the Mexican, Canadian and Arctic borders. Like Kyoto and the International Court the US has failed to sign the Law of the Sea. More premptive perogative of the Empire.

U.S. scientists say they urgently need more icebreakers for Arctic waters

A U.S. scientist told a congressional committee Wednesday the country urgently needs new American icebreakers for Arctic waters, partly to maintain a national presence amid Canada's sovereignty claims.

"We're hearing a lot from Canada's prime minister about sovereignty issues in the North," Treadwell told a House of Representatives transportation subcommittee.

"Whether or not the U.S. accedes to the Convention on the Law of the Sea, we must conduct surveys of our nation's extended continental shelf in order to support our claims of sovereignty," he said.

Anita Jones, chair of the Polar Research Board of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, told the committee the country needs two new ships to replenish the U.S. Coast Guard fleet, costing about US$1.4 billion.

"(We) believe that the U.S. Coast Guard should re-establish a regular, active patrol presence in the Arctic waters to meet statutory responsibilities that inevitability derive from increased human activity."

The group is seeking a presidential directive to reassert U.S. interest in the polar regions and deem icebreakers to be essential to national policy.

Now the real reason for all this concern is the fact that one of those positive effects of global warming is the melting of the Arcitc opening it up to more oil exploration.

Now somewhere here I have the Harper five priorities... yep here they are no mention of Afghanistan but there is something about Arctic Sovereignty and Ice Breakers . Yep here it is....guess he better speed up that order for ice breakers.

But Harper did have an additional message for his American audience: don't think his government's calls for stronger ties with the United States mean Canada has become a pushover. ''We will defend our sovereignty over all our territory including over islands, waterways and resources of the High Arctic even if that conflicts with American claims,'' he said.

Hey its push comes to shove time. But it looks like its just another fient....Federal report recommends 7 Arctic harbours, but funding uncommitted



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