Friday, September 22, 2006

Yes or No

The Harpocrites have a hard time with simple questions. Like ones that simply need a Yes or No answer.

In Question period last May the NDP asked the Defense Minister if we were at war in Afghanistan. Yes or No. Simple right. No answer he wandered all around the issue.

This week after the revelations of the O'Connor report on Mahar Arar, Public Security Minister Stockwell Day, a simple fellow, was asked if the head of the RCMP had tendered his resignation to the Minister. Yes or No. And well you guessed it Day wandered all over the place and never answered. Tories sidestep issue of Zaccardelli's future

Of course as I said to my partner the other day the reason it's called Question Period is for the opposition to ask questions. Nothing says the government has to answer them. After all its not called Answer Period.

Meet the New Government same as the Old Government.




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1 comment:

Charlie Barnard said...

"Meet the New Government same as the Old Government."

I like that line.