Friday, September 22, 2006

Whose Energy?

Harper reminded an American business audience that Canada is an "emerging energy superpower" with vast oil, gas, hydro and uranium supplies. Canada's mutual security and trade interests with the U.S., our healthy economy and our shared values make Canada an indispensable ally, he told the Economic Club of New York.
Canada an emerging energy superpower: Harper

Uh huh whose energy? Its Alberta's. We supply Canada with 70% of its oil and 80% of its natural gas.

Imagine the howls of protest from the provincial PC's and their Federal Party if a Liberal PM had said this.
Why comments like that smack of the NEP...

I await the PC leadership candidates like Ted Moron and the Link Byfields , the Sun editorial board, the Western Slander and the other Alberta Seperatists spewing of outrage over the pretensions of the federal government to speak about our energy.

Still waiting....waiting....hmmmm waiting....yep waiting....

But of course he is Alberta's PM. So the usual rightwing provincial rights advocates will excuse this federal incursion as being PR for the province.
Because after all the provincial right whingers are Harpocrites.




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