Friday, September 22, 2006

Harper UN Address

He forgot to mention that Canada was a founding member of the UN, that we drafted the UN Human Rights accord. That we pushed for the International Labour Organization and its accords. We created the UN Peacekeeping force. That we helped create the new UN Human Rights commision that has a Canadian in charge.

That historically we saw the UN as a form of international governance promoting a liberal vision of the world after WWII. But of course these are all liberal/social democratic visions.

Promoted by past Liberal governments like those of Pearson and Trudeau. They had a vision for Canada in the World.

Not something our American syncophantic PM would want to admit to. His vision of Canada is being Bucky to Captain America.

His speech appears like it was written by the U.S. State Department. Read it here.
It's war mongering blather full of George Bush sound bites, that makes Canada look like the hand puppet of the U.S.

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