Thursday, September 28, 2006

You Tell 'em Danny Boy

It strikes me as hilarious that folks that claim to be libertarians like Harper and Solberg and other members of the New Canadian Government will do the most unlibertarian things when in power. Like cutting the court appeal program for minorities. That allows the little people without the big bucks to take Constitutional Challenges to the Supreme Court. That is they get to challenge the State. the citizens right to challenge the State, not limited to their financial ability to do so. Something I thought the neo-cons used to differentiate themselves from the old Edmund Burke style conservatives who of course value and uphold the State. I will leave the last word to a Red Tory who surprisingly spoke out on this....

"In my opinion, it shows the difference between Conservatives: true right-wing Conservatives and Progressive Conservatives," Williams said in St. John's. Williams distanced his provincial Progressive Conservatives from the federal Tories. "You know, when you start taking away funding from minority groups just because they're going to sue government, that means you're saying, `We're not going to give you any money if we've done something wrong to allow you to sue us.' "So then (do) you take away legal aid at some point down the road so people who commit criminal offences don't have the right to have legal counsel?" Tories slammed for court program cut

Red Tory Old Tory



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