Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ambrose Lies, Should Resign

Welcome to New Green Government of Canada ala George Orwell and Jonathan Swift.

Sun Parliament Hill columnist Greg Weston, in his latest column, outlines another lie from our MIA Environment Minister Rona Ambrose, unabashedly presented as fact in front of the parliamentary Environment Committee last week.

In what has become an all too predictable process when she is caught without facts Ambrose doesn't just make them up as she goes but in a true Hegelian fashion turns facts on their head. She fudges facts and outright lies. But that is not an offense under the Conservatives new Accountability Act.

Her other lie in front of the committee was deliberately misquoting from an American pro-environmental document.

And as usual true to form our MIA Environment Minister was not available today for media interviews. Despite the PM announcing that she would have an announcement next week.

These are just two more reasons, in a six month litany of deliberate falsification and lies about facts by Ambrose. Whose first lie was to say she represents Edmonton Spruce Grove when she lives in Edmonton Strathcona. The woman is a compulsive liar.

I am still waiting for someone to set up a on line petition for her to resign that we can all sign.

As it is let your MP and the Opposition parties know we expect them to call for her resignation next week.

Its the least we can do to help cure her of her moral turpitude.

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