Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Newfie Joke

Canada Fights Ban on 'Bulldozers of the Sea'; Minister Calls Measure 'Not Appropriate' Canada's decision not to follow an international ban on bottom trawling is appropriate, says Newfoundland and Labrador fisheries minister.Tom Rideout says Canada is right not to endorse a blanket ban on draggers because it would not be practical.

Ah yes the old it ain't practical argument. Always a good sound bite, though it is a baseless canard used by those in power to avoid change. Of course Rideout is a Tory like his Federal counterpart; Loyala Hearn. So birds of a feather....

Hearn is the idiot who proclaimed that the Royal Newfoundlanders fought and died at the Somme to protect Newfoundlanders right to hunt seals.

Now he and Rideout continue the hilarity with this justification for bottom trawling.
Rideout said he does not believe that bottom trawling will affect all fish stocks. "The evidence is to the contrary. Vast sections of the ocean are not affected," said Rideout.

Ohh stop it you are cracking me up. Of course vast sections of the ocean are not affected, its the areas that are fished that are affected.


Bottom Feeders

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