Thursday, September 07, 2006

Royal Newfoundlanders Died For the Seal Hunt

Days numbered for seal hunt after EU declaration demanding ban: activists In an unusual move, Hearn said he told Belgian politicians that an import ban would amount to "taking the livelihood away from a number of Canadians whose family members left their blood on the fields here in Belgium, Flanders fields and other places" during the First World War.

Uh Huh? What???! The Royal Newfoundlanders led to slaughter in the killing fields of the Somme in France were fighting for seal pelts? Hardly. Hearn, like other Harpocrites, is an idiot. Our troops died for you so don't boycott us. Wow that's foreign policy genius at work. Others would call it blackmail.

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McGuire said...

Brace yourself for a shock but I agree. It's a little foolish for Loyola to make such a claim.

eugene plawiuk said...

I am shocked! But then you might be too if you read my position on the Seal Hunt in the link.

DazzlinDino said...

No, but Newfoundlanders did fight and die for this country to have the right to live their lives uninterrupted. Funny how those opposed to the seal hunt have no clue about it and what it means to the Inuit of this nation. It's like telling ukranians they can't eat perjogies anymore....