Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mercer Pushes Rae Over the Top

Bob Rae is finally ahead of Michael Ignatieff in a poll of Canadians done by the Toronto Star Canadians favour Rae to lead Liberals

Thanks to two things, one a quick response to the provocation of Harpers comments that Liberals were Anti-Israel (and Anti-Israeli, implying anti-semitism).

The other was that on the same day Rae waxed indignant, Rick Mercer featured him on his satirical TV program. The boys went fishing, and then went skinny dipping.

Video: Skinny-dipping with Bob Rae

A human side to Rae emerged, that went beyond his previously well scripted mushy middle. Anger was palitable in his response to Harper. And self effacing humour, as well as admiting that his government in Ontario had made mistakes, with Mercer. These two factors have to be taken into account when weighing in on the Iggy failures in the same week.

First putting his foot in his mouth, then waiting two days to respond in a scripted fashion to Harpers attacks on the Liberals which were the result of his comments in the first place. And even then he still ended up looking too aloof, too academic, and it was hard to understand his mumblings for his feet in his mouth.

Yep Iggy is looking like toast. Of course the interesting factor in the poll itself, like in the delegate selection is the number of those who said they were undecided. Exactly the same number as those that support Rae.

There is lots of room to move here, and Rae is not a shoe in either, with Kennedy and Dion bringing up the rear, and the all important undecided delegates holding the key to victory. Of course now it might become an anybody but Rae campaign...
Dion, Kennedy join Ignatieff push to disqualify most Rae delegates ...
Which would be political suicide for the Liberals.

However given the Rae is a politician and Iggy wants to be one, well who would you vote for leader if it was your party and you want to defeat Harper. Which is becoming all the more possible, since he had as bad a week as Iggy. As
Chantal H├ębert writes, Harper's hopes fading


Liberal Leadership Race


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1 comment:

Alison said...

Out here in BC, Rae is miles ahead at 30, to 20 for Kennedy and Dion, with Iggy running in fourth place.

For Kennedy and Dion to pile on Rae with Iggy is political suicide for the Libs.