Friday, October 27, 2006

Patriarchy Hates Women

Two blogs at opposite political polls make the point that patriarchy hates women. April Reign reports on the right wing Catholic attacks on womens right to choose in Nicaragua and Poland, and the sexist comments of a Mulsim Cleric in Australia admonishing women to avoid dressing provocatively or they invite rape.

At the other end of the political spectrum Big Blue Wave complains that people, men, are sexist in believing that social conservative women are dumb. Well they aren't dumb, but they are agents of patriarchy. Which is worse. Because they are women they think they can speak for all women, while denouncing feminists for doing the same thing.

In reality they are the womens voice FOR patriarchy, which is anti-women always has been always will be.

Unfortunately the pews, temples, and synagogues are filled with women. Without women the patriarchical religions would collapse. Like Hegels 'slaves'; whose existence is justfied through their bondage, conservative women act against their own best interests for the interests of their masters. Thus the right wing can justify their attack on individual rights by saying not all women support feminism.

The war on women is the inherent misogyny of patriarchy, the battle for womens rights which is the battle for individual rights means that patriarchy needs to be abolished. Since all monotheist religions are patriarchical and conduct their moral war against human rights and individual rights means that we must abolish religious institutions and their political power.

This has always been the core of anarchist anti-theism.


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Anonymous said...

I never said men were sexist for thinking that so-con women are dumb. My comments were in response to what was posted on Bread n Roses.

Since all monotheist religions are patriarchical and conduct their moral war against human rights and individual rights means that we must abolish religious institutions and their political power.

How do you propose to "abolish" relgious institutions without interfering with religious freedom?

Is this another stalinist plan to eliminate religious people?

So long as large numbers of people adhere to faith, they will always have power in a democratic society.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Suzanne you fail to see the irony in declaring your constitutional rights and freedoms, while simultaneously trying to deny others their own personal and constitutional rights of choice.

Labby said...

ya cause feminists like the SOW never ever tried to speak for all women hey? good one

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, Americans had the constitutional right to buy and sell slaves.

A constitutional right is only a true right if it results from natural rights. Like the right to life. For ALL human beings.

As an individual, I have the right to speak for myself and have my point of view. Feminists do not have the moral right to speak on my behalf. They may have the right to express what THEY think is best for all women, but they don't have the right to insinuate they speak on their behalf.

eugene plawiuk said...

Feminism is womens rights, it is about womens rights and thus it speaks for and about women. As a woman you can either speak for your rights as an individual or as your gender. When you take positions opposing feminism, regardless of your gender you are being anti-womens rights. Period.

As for your religiou beliefs they are not yours but are inculcated in you by the society you live in. Thus religion in society is an institution with political and social power. It is the basis of the state and in fact was the very first state, theocracies in ancient societies were the basis of class divisions, between those who worked and those who accepted the gifts of those labours for the gods.

All religions are about political power and authority over the indvidual.The very notion of God is of an authoritarian who judges. Thus to be truly free you must be free of God the authority and the religions that speak in its name.No other individual freedom is possible until you do that.

Hailey said...

Hi Mr. Plawiuk,

I would agree that the comments made by the person in Australia were wrong. Those are not views unique to the islamic community but they are offensive views.

In reading Suzanne's blog I don't understand her to be making the assertion that you claim.

I would also say that if Suzanne is professing to speak for all women - not something that I saw her say - then she'd be in error. Women are a diverse group of individuals rich in different views and opinins. It's not possible to speak for 50% of the populations. It's insulting for any person or organization to claim that as it suggests a very shallow monolithic style of thinking among women.

You are also right that the pews in fundamentalist (pentecostal, baptist, WoF etc) churches are filled with women. Women are the cornerstone of many faith communities often taking on teaching roles with other women or with children, volunteering for ministries, encouraging their family to attend even during reluctant periods, etc. Without women most churches would close their doors.

And, Mr. Plawiuk the right wing can say that not all women support feminism because it is TRUE. Even if every believer renounced their faith it would still be true. Most women simply are NOT active and are NOT involved in feminism. If every woman had voted for the NDP instead of Harper we wouldn't have a CPC government. If every woman wrote a letter to Stephen Harper about Status of Women funding changes they would be stopped. The list goes on. The reality is that MOST Canadian women simply do not care about those funding changes.

May I ask how you plan to get rid of religion? Through force? Through coercision using laws? By educating people and hoping they convert to other world views that reject faith? What's the plan?