Friday, November 17, 2006


Now where are those Canadian Ice Breakers the Harpocrites promised?

These folks could sure use them now.
Whale hunters set for grim mission of mercy
Team to kill about 80 struggling belugas trapped under ice in Canadian North

Meanwhile Inuit in Nunavut face criminal charges for hunting belugas out of season.

Canada ponders charges against beluga hunters; 'There will be investigations'

Maybe the folks
in Tuktoyaktuk having to kill the trapped beluga's could ship the whale meat to these folks.



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jonjon said...

It is disturbing how people can just kill poor trapped whales! I mean this is our planet, and just because some animals are helpless doesnt mean we should just kill them....I am not part of greenpeace or any other protecting organization...but come on, dont kill the cute Belugas, they can be loving and friendly, and sometimes they need our help!!!...they also have a soul, and feelings...BUT WHO THE HELL WILL LISTEN TO ME!!??, people make money on them, so they dont really care. and one day i will find every single hunter who has ever killed a whale, and tourture them, rip off their legs, and watch them bleed to death....)))

jonjon said...

and also I wish them all to BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lydia Dueck said...

jonjon, i totally agree with you. its just not fair. it wouldn't have been so hard to find a way to get a hole in the ice trapping them would it? its just, imagine you being trapped underwater and you can get to the surface to breath? wouldn't you want help, and wouldn't you hope that someone would care enough that if they found out you were there, they would help you? its just not fair to the whales, they are on the planet for a reason, just like we are!

blogger,yutube,orkut said...

which has the worst animal on earth is man. if there was more punishment and law were the world would be better, only who can solve all these problems will be the great creator of the uni, all these asacinos Will be judged on the day of reckoning, I would not stand in the shoes of those bastards .. ...... cowards ...

Sean Scully said...

You all can't be serious. A baluga whale is large. Arctic Ice is thick. Let them freeze/suffocate to death, or make it short. Seems more humane to me. But I guess its easy to bitch from behind a keyboard, or in JonJon's case act tough. I would really like to see you square up against a whaler from the arctic north. My money is on you, being the one left bloody. Be real about it. Nature is cruel, and as we are of nature we are capable of cruelty and compassion just the same.