Friday, November 17, 2006

PMO Spies On Cabinet Ministers

I guess Rona Ambrose passes insepection from the PMO cause she stays on message. Even when her communications director is away working on the Haskett campaign.
The rest had better shape up.

Harper's PR aide secretly asks cabinet staff to critique bosses

A tip o' the blog to
Dissonance and Disrespect for this.



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Mike said...

No surprise there Eugene. This is straight from ole Joe Stalin's book of keeping the party in line. And we know that Steve is an admirer of Stalin's leadership and management style.

Of course, D&D site is filled with the same old "whoa is me, the damned Liberal Media" yelps from the usual suspects.

Like the Mop and Pail is remotely "Liberal". Jesus.

eugene plawiuk said...

Actually the Mop and Pail is Liberal they just aren't liberal. heh heh.