Friday, November 17, 2006


Canadian reporters covering PM Harpers trip to Viet Nam for the APEC conference have been banned from asking him questions. No scrums are allowed with the PM. Instead PMO issues press statements. While the PM lectures Viet Nam on democracy, human rights and the need for a free press. Heh, heh. What a kidder this guy is.

Harper kicks off APEC activities by meeting Vietnamese prime minister

Canadian officials later told reporters that during the private portion of the meeting, Harper tied in human rights concerns with Vietnam's expanding trade file. He told Nguyen that economic openness went hand in hand with social and political freedoms. Harper also raised several individual cases of political dissidents imprisoned by the Vietnamese government, including one man who landed behind bars after providing testimony to the U.S. Congress on human rights in his country. Vietnam has been criticized by observers for religious persecution, particularly of Buddhists and Christians, and also for cracking down on journalists and publishers critical of the communist regime.

Of course Canada needs to lecture the rest of the world on Human Rights our record is so pure. Let's see our secret police arrest and keep folks in secret detention and deport folks to be tortured abroad. They raid journalists offices and throw them in jail. The PMO refuses to meet with press critical of the government. The government wants to remove human rights legislation passed by the previous government. And we have a one party state in Alberta.Yep a clear case of kettle calling the pot black.




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